Reinva, procesos de vapor industrial

Engineering for industrial steam processes

Reinva is a company specialized in the design, manufacture, maintenance and after-sales service for for industrial steam processes and combustion facilities, with the contribution of equipment and services among which are industrial boilers, burners, heat exchangers and water treatment of power to the boiler, with the aim of achieving energy savings in the facilities.

Reinva has focused its activity on the area of engineering for the application of combustion technologies to industrial steam processes for more than 40 years. The company is focused on offering products and servicesaimed at optimizing the productivity of facilities that require heat and steam in industrial processes. It is firmly committed to sustainable development, supported by its engineering department, which develops projects aimed at helping to mitigate climate change.


Reinva‘s engineering department is in charge of ensuring the correct design of our equipment for each particular application and installation.

Energy audits

For production processes, energy consumers, combustion systems and boiler rooms to optimize their operation and adapt them to normatives

Boiler maintenance

The boiler maintenance process is
vital to achieve
optimal operation of all equipment
and improve
its performance

Steam spare parts

At Reinva we have
a wide variety of industrial parts and spare parts for steam, boiler rooms, steam and combustion installations

Actividad industrial globalizada

A global activity

Through the group of companies to which we belong, we have a presence in projects on five continents, with commercial offices in India and China. Currently, in addition, 70% of our activity is focused on exports.


We belong to a large group leader in technology in the steam and combustion sector, we can help you turn your projects into reality

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